Shipping Boxes and Mailing Envelopes for Stores 

Most online businesses are successful from the type of packaging and the shipping provided to customers. Some customers may not even buy from stores again if the item ends up damaged. 

The best way to prevent this of course, is to make sure that you get the right packaging. It’s simpler than you think though, and usually, mailing envelopes are the two most common. We’ll go over these, and the variations that definitely are available for customers who are curious about this. 

What Type Should I use? 

Remember, you have options. You may want to use mailing envelopes in some cases, and you have different options, including cushioned and not cushioned. The other thing to look at too is if you should look to see I you want to make them branded, or just make them standard mailers. So what’s good about both of them. The benefits of mailers rather than boxes include the following: 

  • They usually are cheaper 
  • They are smaller, so they won’t eat at the margins for shipping costs 
  • You don’t need to set them up, tape them, or even shove a bunch of filler in there to prevent it from moving about. 
  • They are flexible, so they can be used for different order types 

While they are limited, they’re good for clothing, jewelry, and smaller items. These are good because they also can be cushioned too in the mailer itself, through the use of padded or bubble mailers. They offer more protection but tend to be a little bit more expensive. So only use these if you absolutely need the extra precautions that are necessary and have to be taken. 

There are also different kinds of mailers including paper, paperboard, and plastic, which are good for different operations. Paper is the most eco-friendly of them all, and paperboard is good for protecting books and calendars from being wrinkled by this. If you need something more durable, then consider poly mailers, since usually they’re stronger, and if you have anything with sharper edges, this can also prevent the tearing of the package and breaking the contents. 

All About shipping boxes 

So what about shipping boxes? 

While poly mailers, or just mailers in general are good for shipping some items, if you’re shipping anything that’s large and heavy, you will need to use a box. This is something that people will use because it’s stronger, and you want to make sure that the first thing you choose is to make sure that you get the right-sized box for the item you’re shipping. 

Make sure that if you plan to use boxes, they’re not so big that the product slides around, but also not so small that it doesn’t fit the item and then it breaks during transit. You want to make sure if you use boxes, you also make sure that they aren’t filled with extra waste, since it doesn’t reflect well if you’re trying to be eco-friendly. You want to make sure that if you choose a box, you also look at the way it is shipped, and how much it’s going to cost you. 

You want to make sure that you also don’t ship it too big too, because these mailing carriers will definitely factor that into the costs for shipping, and also I can eat away at your margins. But for bigger items that are heavy and bulky, you want to have the extra protection. For the tinier items that don’t need as much care and such, you can get away with using mailers.  

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