9 Branding Tips For a Better Customer Experience

Customer experience is at the center of a branding process. Great branding requires a well-thought-out branding and marketing plan as well as the skill sets that push a brand forward. This article will deliver powerful tips on how to incorporate branding with packaging.

1. Packaging With a Purpose

There are many products that are sold exclusively online while others are sold in a physical retail environment. When a product is mailed, it requires packaging that can protect it. When a product is sold in a retail environment, packaging will need to be more alluring. 

2. Consistency is Key

A brand can be identified by color and other factors. Keeping colors and other factors consistent is key to having people recognize the product. Think of a company logo, such as Target, and the color of the logo will pop in the head.

3. Be Recognizable

Consistency is important and more will lead to the identification of a company. When a package is on a shelf or coming in the mail company recognition is needed. This may be a logo on the box or a color scheme that makes the company recognized. 

4. Audience Expectations

Customers may know the company or be experiencing their first interaction. It is important to address expectations and package products accordingly. A company might be fun and spontaneous in design and capturing this in all sales forms is important. 

5. Special Marketing Campaigns

Many times packaging may get a make-over for a special holiday or even a changing season. These are opportunities that are important to use as a selling tool. Clever packaging that stays on target can raise brand awareness and even increase sales. 

6. Branding Extensions

Companies use a logo on the website. However, when a customer buys a product they actually touch and interact with the packaging, which is different than online interactions. It is important to have branding efforts extended across all platform types. Consider the most important branding elements and incorporate the elements.

7. Balance of Function and Simplicity

One of the biggest issues with a branding campaign is the over-designing of a package. Telling a story without distraction is key, such as using only the logo and brand color. Simplicity is very effective when combined with a strong message. 

8. Values and Principles

Branding requires consistency and this is more achievable when keeping a brand’s values at the forefront of the mind. If a company is a company that is fun and interactive, a joke on the packaging could be a great interaction. If a company is an inspirational company, a beautiful quote could compliment the companies values and principles. Some companies have used handwritten notes with delivery and others have even sent candy with every order. Be creative and stick to the company’s principles and values. 

9. Hire a Professional Design Team

Many times branding is a task that needs to be outsourced to a professional branding company. Once a company has found a branding story, the concept can be handed off to a professional designer. The designer will turn the concept into a functional design that will be crisp and clean. There are many differently priced options when hiring a designer. 

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