Office Supplies That You Need On Hand

I am an office manager at a mid level accounting agency, and I have spent a lot of years in this business and in the corporate world. I know what it takes to run a business, and I also know the kinds of work environments that make people the most productive in an office setting. With the repercussions of the pandemic sending people to work from home, there has been a lot of lost time in the office. However, many people are starting to go back to the office now, and there are some things I would like to share with you about office supplies that you need to have on hand now that your employees are coming back. So here is a list I made – remember, I am definitely qualified to be writing this and have a lot of experience managing an office and the people that work in that office.

The first thing you will need to keep in mind when you’re buying office supplies is that your employees need to be working on quality technology. What I mean by this is that work cannot be done properly on low quality laptops, computers, tablets, phones, and the like. If you are asking an employee to do high level accounting on a 10 year old computer, you might as well ask that employee to stare at a wall for 3 hours. You have to be getting the best stuff for your people in the office. I have been around long enough to know that the world of technology is ever changing. In fact, it seems like there is something new coming out every year. I am not saying that you have to constantly be buying the latest and greatest software or gadget, but it makes a lot of sense to ensure you are staying with the times and that your office has access to quality, workable technology. 

Another element of office gear you need is packing supplies. Even though we are just a mid level accounting firm at my company, we always end up having to send packages here and there at various times throughout the month. This is because, though technology is important, snail mail is the tried and true method of the business world. Investing in some proper packing supplies will ensure that, not only are your packages being shipped properly to get to their destination, your items inside are staying safe and will arrive without damage or incident. Bubble wrap and packing tape are essentials, as well as some quality corrugated boxes that you can use to ship different items in. I have seen it too many times – we go to ship something to a partner, and the package ends up getting lost in shipping because the postage was not properly labeled, the box fell apart, or the items were broken beyond repair or recognition. 

Don’t let this happen to your company. The world of business is fast-paced and cut-throat. If you want to stay in the game, you have to be on your toes as far as office supplies are concerned. I hope this was helpful in enlightening you on some necessary office supplies you will need to run your business, and I hope that things go well for your company as well. 

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