Plastic bags

If you have a company that ships items regularly, you may be familiar with poly bags. If you do not ship items, odds are you are like me and have no clue what this bag is unless you have gotten it in the mail before. In this short article, we are going to learn what these kinds of bags are together. A polybag refers to any bag made of plastic, although it generally refers to polyethylene which is a form of plastic. This kind of plastic is usually used in many different goods, much like these plastic bags. 

These bags are an excellent replacement for cardboard boxes when it comes to shipping items. The bags are also less expensive than cardboard boxes. These bags can also be made from recycled materials, so they are eco-friendly. The use of these bags also produces less waste than cardboard boxes. When filling a cardboard box with an item, there needs to be filler like packing peanuts or bubble wrapping. These bags are best suited for shipping smaller items like books, magazines, apparel, or fabric. They are also great for shipping items already packed in a sturdy box like DVDs, makeup, and video games. 

Some polybags can be customized to fit your specific needs, whether that is for personal shipping or business shipping. The customization can vary from the colors on the bad to having a company logo put on it. Not only are these bags great for keeping your items safe and secure, but they are also an excellent place for branding. Many different companies and eCommerce businesses like to go for the customized bags as it makes their company stand out from the competition. They also like getting these bags costume made as they can precisely fit the dimensions of the products they are providing and shipping. Additionally, having a custom bag will make a good impression on a first time buyer that may turn into a loyal customer. 

There are also many different types of these bags, but we are only going to look at one. The one we are going to look at is called a lay flat poly bag. These bags come in many different shapes and sizes as well as thicknesses. These bags offer a single opening that can be sealed by stamping, tying, taping, and heat. The thickness of these bags can vary depending on the need. Thickness starts at as small as one millimeter and can go up from there. The thickest I have seen was eight millimeters. The necessity of these bags will determine the thickness you get as well as how big the bag will be and how much product it can hold. 

I never knew there was such thing as poly bags. I’m sure I have seen them in my lifetime but did not know that was what it was called. I wonder if the bag type container Amazon uses that have bubblewrap lining the sides is also a poly bag or if that is something entirely different. The varying thickness of these bags seems to be good as they are relatively thin, thus using less material. The ability to make these bags with recycled materials is environmentally friendly, and that makes me happy. In today’s world, there is so much production of items going on we need to make sure that we are using recycled materials as often as possible to reduce the amount of waste. 

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