The best packing material to me

As a child, I loved to play with bubble wrapping. Anytime my parents would get a shipment in that had bubble wrap, I would instantly start popping the bubbles. I found it fun and soothing somehow. Today I own my own shipping company. We use many different kinds of packing supplies, but I still prefer to use bubble wrap. I always have that hope that whoever gets that shipment from us has the same enjoyment I had from popping the bubbles. If you are reading this and you are also in the shipping industry, I want to try to convince you to switch to bubble wrap. Not only is it fun to play with, but it also has excellent properties for shipping and receiving. 

When I was young, I enjoyed playing with bubble wrapping. I never really knew why I thought it was fun, and it relaxed me. I never thought I would be in a position where my job revolved around bubble wrap. I took over my parent’s company. The company is primarily an eCommerce business, but we do have a small store that can be shopped in person. Most of the orders that come in are from online buyers. As a shipping company, I had to decide what was the best packing material to use, and I chose bubble wrap, which may shock you to hear. Bubble wrap is very durable, which is one reason why I decided to have this as our primary material. 

Bubble wrap is also very flexible. Due to the bubble being pockets of air, it allows for compression or expansion of the bubble. This is good because it ensures we can get a snug fit of the items we are shipping. We do this to ensure no damage comes to the products in transit. I have tried a few different packing materials, but those tests resulted in a broken item arriving at the customer’s house from time to time. Due to this drastic result as a company, we decided bubble wrap would be our best choice, and all these years later, we still use it without incident. 

Bubble wrap also offers a tremendous anti-static effect which is good for us since we are a computer part distributor. If our shipping material did not have this, then there is a chance when our customer goes to take the item from its packaging, a static charge could be released, thus damaging the components. This packaging material also provides the greatest protection when compared to other packaging products. This is good for us as a computer part distributor because we need to make sure that these components are arriving at the customer’s home in damaged and in working condition. These parts are very expensive, and a broken item sets us back, which we don’t want.

Bubble wrap is the best kind of packing supplies because it has so much to offer with such a simple material. I have always loved this material ever since I was a kid. Back then, I never thought I would be taking over my parent’s company and dealing with this material that I know and love. I hope that anytime someone gets an order from us, they get that same enjoyment from this simple material like I did when I was young. 

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