Why I won’t get low-priced boxes again.

My wife and I were planning our big moving day, and we needed some cheap moving boxes, or affordable at least. We were moving from Florida to Indiana. When it came to getting boxes, we were not having much luck. We tried to go to the local businesses to get free boxes, but we did not get enough, only ten maybe. We needed to get some more moving boxes. I was talking with one of my friends from work, and he suggested a company that has good boxes that seem affordable. I went home that evening and looked up the company my friend told me about, but the boxes were not that cheaply priced; thus, I chose to keep looking. I came across another company in my search and found out they had very cheap boxes, so I bought thirty for fifty dollars, which seemed like a good deal. I was so wrong, and I am still quite mad about it to this day. 

When the boxes arrived, the first red flag came up when the supposed cardboard boxes did not look or feel like any cardboard boxes I’ve seen before. We had them, though, and we were happy to be able to finish out packing finally. As the week went on, we packed more and more boxes until the house was all boxes. We were packing up the box truck the coming Monday, so there was a great deal of excitement to get it all done with a day to spare. On Monday, we went to get the box truck, so we could pack it up and get moving. We had some friends helping us, which made things better knowing we did not have to pack our house alone. As we were packing up the truck, a few of the boxes’ bottoms fell through and released all the items they were holding; I should have taken this red flag to heart but chose to ignore it. 

Once the truck was packed, we were ready to get a move on, my wife was driving her car, and I was driving the box truck with a car puller on the back for my car. The drive was not that bad; it was long though, almost seventeen hours on the road was rough, but we were happy to be in Indiana. I did notice some odd noises that came from the truck bed as I was driving, but yet again, I chose to ignore them. 

On Tuesday, we were going to unload the truck into our new home, but we were not prepared for the disaster we were about to discover. As I went to open the box truck door, some 

items came out, and my heart began racing, expecting the worst. When I fully opened the door, I saw it… our possessions everywhere. The plates my mother had given me were destroyed, knives in the couch cushions, small knick nacks all over the place.

This was all because I chose to be a cheapskate and get some cheap moving boxes for an across-the-country move. My wife and I were devastated; the moving company compensated us for some of the broken items because they did not want it coming back on them. The box company has yet to get back to me, and it has been three months since the first contact. I reach out at least once every week but get no reply; that is maybe the worst part of this situation. I will not be getting these moving boxes, nor will I recommend them to anyone. I should have just listened to my old work friend, but we live, and we learn. 

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