What is the best material for packing

When it comes to packaging supplies there can be many different materials that are used but people often wonder what is the best material to use. The ability to keep the item being packaged safe and secure is the most important factor when trying to determine this question. A lot of the time people buy a material thinking they know what it is for or how it is meant to be used but most of the time they either use it wrong or pack the time with the material wrong thus leading to a damaged product. Sometimes they will buy the wrong material all together leading to the same end result. 

Bubble wrapping is the first contender of the best material for packaging. This material comes in large rolls usually. These rolls provide a large range of bubble sizes from very small with a lot on the sheet or very large with not many on the sheet. Some of these sheets come serrated so the user can easily tear pieces from the roll. Sections are usually twelve inches in length as it is a good size but not too much. Bubble wrapping is best for small delicate objects that are easily breakable like a snowglobe or a teapot. Make sure when you are wrapping something with bubble wrap to put the bubble side to the item to ensure its protection. Bubble wrap is also fun to pop.

Packing paper is another contender for the best material for packaging. Essentially packing paper is clean white or brown newsprint ink free that helps keep the small delicate objects safe. A good example of this would be tableware, the plates and bowls your family use at dinner. You can also use this material as a filler when you are packing boxes. This is good as it will keep your items in the box safe and protected. It can effectively keep the small items safe when you are moving. When compared to bubble wrap, packing paper is lighter, less expensive and takes up less space. This makes packing paper a real contender for best material for packing. 

The final material for packing are moving blankets. If you are hiring movers when you are moving you will not even need to provide this material as the movers will have it on hand already. Blankets are also provided if you rent a moving truck in case you are wanting to move on your own. Moving blankets can also be comforters or beach towels. Blankets are also known as furniture pads. This is because moving blankets are used to keep large furniture padded, scrape free and safe in case it is not secured enough. 

With so many different types of material for packing supplies there are more contenders for what may be the best. These are just a few examples of the best materials I have found. The versatility of bubble wrapping is very nice to have but it can only be in certain sizes whereas packing paper can be any size. Both are good for packing boxes and keeping the items inside safe. Packing blankets are also good as they can keep all the furniture safe and free of scratches. With all this information take your pick as to what you think the best material for packing would be for you. 

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