Cheap vs. expensive moving boxes.

Surprisingly there are different kinds of moving boxes. There are cheap moving boxes with poor build quality and lacking features. There are also a little more expensive moving boxes with good build quality and durability. I moved recently and had a combination of both since I was able to get them for free from a nearby SuperTarget. I had some issues arrive with the inexpensive moving boxes. I preferred the bigger boxes that had a lot of space and felt solid.

The ‘expensive cardboard boxes are what I will always recommend. They have an excellent build quality. I do not know how it is done, but these boxes are able to repel water to keep the items inside dry and free of moisture buildup. These boxes can come in many different sizes and shapes, which is very handy when it comes to moving. Something I like a lot about these boxes is the fact that they can be bought in bulk. This means you can buy a lot of them at one time. Usually, buying in bulk will save you a good amount of money. These boxes are robust, you can stack them on top of one another regardless of the content, and they will hold. 

As I said before, I moved recently and had a combination of both low-priced and high-priced boxes that I was fortunate enough to get for free. I preferred the higher-priced boxes as they were bigger and could hold more weight in them. The higher prices cardboard boxes can be bought in bulk which is enormous to me. Any time you are needing a significant quantity of something, buying in bulk is the route to take as you will be saving money even if it seems like you are not. 

Inexpensive moving boxes can be a bit of a pain. The quality of these boxes is usually not the best. They can be easily crushed if something too heavy is sitting on top of them. These boxes cannot be bought in bulk easily. This is a big red flag to me as you may end up spending more money than expected. Buying in bulk is the best when you are needing something in mass quantity like moving boxes. The poor build quality also results in some other problems like water leaking in. these boxes are not like the previously mentioned cardboard boxes that can keep water out and your items dry. Although it is a far-fetched idea it will rain on your moving day; it is not impossible. I know this as on my moving day, it started to rain about halfway through. To combat this, we had to get blankets out and cover the boxes we were carrying out. 

With many different kinds of boxes on the market, it can be challenging to choose the right ones. It has been my experience that the higher-priced boxes that can be bought in bulk are the best. For peace of mind, I will not use cheap moving boxes as I fear my items may fall out from the bottom or get ruined by water. The poor build quality of them has me worried as well. When you move, you need to stack boxes to save room. These boxes will not do too well with that unless they are packed lightly, which generally does not happen when moving. 

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