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It’s moving day! Well, technically it’s the first day of packing for moving day. After COVID hit, my job went from on-location to working remotely. And after the bosses realized that it was more cost efficient to keep things this way, I now work remote full-time. Can’t say that I mind it too much. I get to be in my sweats from the waist down. I can put a show or podcast on in the background so I’m not completely losing my mind, and I don’t have to run out at lunch anymore to let my puppy out. All-in-all it’s been a pretty good fit. The only drawback was my roommate. They also went working remote, and after being stuck together 24-7 day in and day out for the last year, we realized that we aren’t really all that compatible living companions after all. So, I decided to get a new place. Which is great! But now that means I have to move all my junk…and apparently some of my roommate’s they claim isn’t theirs. (Facepalm)

Moving isn’t so bad. As long as you have a plan and are ready to go the day the actual movers get there. However, most people when they move don’t realize there are a few tips and tricks that can actually help make the whole process go a lot more smoothly. That’s where I come in! (Metaphorically speaking…how awkward would that be if I just randomly showed up to your place?) I’m going to give you a few tips on how to make your life much easier when packing up your stuff to move to your new home.  

Tip number one. Make sure you have enough packing supplies. Seriously. Nothing is worse than needing a box to put stuff in, only to find you ran out. And there are tons of places, both physical locations and online, that you can purchase fairly cheap moving boxes and other supplies. Try not to break your budget though. You don’t need anything fancy. Just some sturdy boxes where you can place your belongings. And I would buy more than you think you’ll need. For one, because you always end up needing them. And two, because what you don’t use, you normally can return. Just check on that before you buy. 

Tip number two. Label, label, label. Label the darn boxes. It may seem like a pain when you’re packing up. But it’s going to save you a lot of hair-pulling on the other side. Trust me. Also, color-coding your boxes to coordinate which room they go in is also super helpful. Just go and get those colorful sticky dots and stick away!

 Tip number three. Do your research. Especially when you’re using a moving company. Make sure they have good reviews and are trustworthy. The last thing you need is two sketchy dudes pulling up in a white van to take your stuff (and probably you) who knows where. Also, call the day before they are supposed to arrive and make sure you’re still on the schedule. Otherwise, you may wind up waiting all day for people who are never showing up. 

Tip number four. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Yes, everyone hates that dreaded “can you help me move” call. But, hey, more than likely they’ll be calling you someday with the same question. So, cash in while you can. 

Moving doesn’t have to suck. Just be prepared, have a loadton of cheap moving boxes, know who you’re working with, and for goodness sakes make sure your new roommate actually knows how to use a vacuum. 

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