Moving in the Rain.

There is so much hustle and bustle in the air right now in the real estate market.  The country is well, falling apart, but that has allowed the housing market to boom.  Interest rates are at an all-time low and are most likely going to stay that way for a super long time.  This means that people are selling, and buying faster than ever before.  It is a wild thing to see and it is pretty fun to see as well.  But during this time of year where I live we get a lot of rain and that can really complicated things if you are planning to move in this season.  It means you never know when a rainstorm may pop up and you should probably plan on being able to change days or deal with the weather one way or the other.  I know that sounds like a pretty hard thing to do and with closing issues and dates and deadlines it is sometimes simply not an option at all.  But I have moved a lot of times and helped many family members move as well and this has taught me a few things and I just want to prepare you for what can happen. 

The one thing that seems to matter the most is the actual way you are going to transport all of your goods on a moving day.  Most people already know that they are going to call all their friends and family who have trucks to help move, but in some ways that is honestly a bad moving move and more costly than you might think.  I have had a lot of experience with moving items in and out of trucks and moving them a long distance in trucks as well.  What I found out is that this is usually one of the worst vehicles to use to move heavy objects.  It is also terrible in the rain because the vast majority do not have covers or if they do it severely limits what can go in them. 

The fact is that trucks sit up higher than most vehicles.  Or they also have sides on the truck bed that don’t allow for easy access to getting items in or out.  I have seen multiple times damage occur to not only the truck but the item going in it.  What more likely happens is the person who is putting heavy items in the truck gets hurt as well.  This is because the truck or the bed sits up too high and the items are being lifted in an unsafe or in a tired state.  Either way, it leads to damage and usually cost of damage to the item and truck.  This is costly and it also hurts morale of the people moving too.  So try to avoid the truck on a rainy day because it is hard and items get wet when it rains.

Getting a moving vehicle that is covered on all sides is truly the best option because now these almost always come with a ramp.  The cost of these is usually 100 bucks a day and that generally is much less than damage to a truck or your goods.  It covers the items so no cheap moving boxes get drenched and all the items ruined.  I have seam so many cheap moving boxes covered in rain and then when someone goes to pick them up they fall apart.  Get a moving truck and pat yourself on the back!

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