The Tape You Need

Growing up comes with lots of responsibilities for the average person.  It also means learning a lot of things that you never thought you would or that you ever really wanted to learn.  This year I have had expansive knowledge thrown upon me by necessity and some of those random tidbits of information have come in strange ways.  I have learned more about tape this year than I ever imagined I would and that is because I have used it in so many different places this year.  I have jumped into eCommerce and also jumped into homeownership and learned that so many different types of tape are good for different things.  It has been a crazy adventure of learning and it has cost me many lessons and some of that cost and also saved me lots of money.  So i just want to talk about a few of them and how I was able to procure the packaging supplies I needed for the different tasks and the things I have learned.

The first task that I was thrust into was because my work ended up doing more in-house marketing.  We needed to cut some budget funds due to COVID-19 losses and we decided to cut out some of our marketing budgets.  This meant some projects that still needed to be done had to be done in our own office and by our own hands.  We sent out gift boxes and had outsourced that job before but decided to do it on our own.  Our boxes were all packed in one giant box that we sent over to cut down on some costs.  What we saw as that the tape involved was having troubles holding and with all the strips we were using it looked super bad. 

Instead of using regular packing tape we decided to instead move into a new realm of gum tape.  THis allowed us to use one strip at a time and it helps up super well.  It made the overall look of the gift box much better and it didn’t look like trash.  The worst thing is to send a gift that looks bad and we found out by talking to packaging supplies stores that we could change our entire tape to a wet tape.  THis allowed us to use less and it was much stronger in the long run.  IT cut down on some costs for us and saved us a ton of money.

What I also found was that different tapes are around for a ton of different things.  When working on my home we found plumbing issues to be the least fun.  That is because they leaked and it was making a costly mess on things.  So instead of highering a plumber we searched and found Teflon tape was what professionals used on all threadings for homes plumbing due to the sizing inconsistencies in different companies and years manufacturing.  This little tape saved us thousands on plumbing costs and hourly rates.  It was easy to use and a simple strip on each pipe cutdown on a lot of leaks, dribbles, and costs.  So make sure to pick up some of that for your home because you never know when you may need it!  Tape is awesome and I suggest you learn a bit about it too because it can save some money.

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