Are you prepared to move wisely?

It has been a huge trend to pick up and move to a new location this year.  Interest rates are super low and homes are selling like hotcakes.  This means that most likely you are going to be asked to help move or maybe even planning on moving to a new location yourself.  I think that either way a few tips never hurt anyone when heavy lifting is involved.  This year I myself learned a few valuable lessons from mistakes and broken items during moves and I thought that it would be fun to go over a few to maybe help someone else out as well.  So I think I will begin with one of the biggest tips that I found out and that is what type of vehicle you should actually be loading your home items into. 

After doing several moves I found that having a truck was not really a great vehicle to use to get things from one location to another.  Most trucks sit high up off of the ground and are limited in the size of the truck bed.  What normally happened was we would use the trucks to move heavy items and the fact was that since they set so high that people would end up getting hurt by lifting them up.  I also found out that the truck would get damaged by scratches or dents and usually the item would as well.  The fact is that most items we put into trucks were awful to deal with and I would not suggest making this your go-to vehicle if you have a choice.  But if you are able to have a truck with a hitch then you are moving to my favorite option.

I love open-walled trailers.  I found that these normally have 3-foot walls on them and a ramp to walk up and into the trailer.  This made the ease of use for moving heavy items 50-90% better than using a truck.  Instead of carrying an item, we could wheel it on the trailer with a cart or by the wheels on the item itself.  It made no injuries occur due to lifting and it helped cut back on almost all the damage done to the item itself and the trailer.  There is one major downside to this though and that is that it had no ceiling.  So that meant it was open to the weather making it a nice weather moving vehicle only.  That is a sad downside, but if you are able to choose the day of moving and have some leeway with the weather, then it is an amazing way to go. I found it super each to get all of those cheap moving boxes up and on it and it made it so much nicer when we got to the location and had to also move those cheap moving boxes back into the new home. 

Sometimes having the easy way to do something is worth it.  When it comes to moving wisely then this is the best option and having the best way to move a package is key.  So I would also suggest buying high-quality packages and not using flimsy ones to pack up all your stuff into.  This can help cut down on accidents and allow your move to be so much more fun!

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