Don’t move with the wrong boxes again

This year has been a whirlwind of craziness.  I never imagined that a pandemic would end up bringing the biggest housing boom in the history of the country.  People are moving constantly and are doing so because the interest rates are so good and people are all looking to move into a new or bigger home.  This has left me doing something that I normally don’t like to do and that is moving homes.  Not only has my home had to move but I have been asked to help many friends and family do the same.  It has been a big group effort this year and I am happy that my circle of friends and family have all helped each other. But we learned that something as simple as a bunch of cheap moving boxes can change the entire aspect of moving.  This is because of multiple reasons that we will go over.

The first time I noticed that using the right corrugated box was important was when the first set of failures happened.  This was all because of where we source our storage containers.  As per the normal, most people get their moving containers from a local big box store second hand.  We have all asked to use some old boxes before and this was what we did.  We shopped around and instead of spending any money at all, we got all of these old second-hand packages that had been used many times over.

We decided to pack up our entire home with second-hand packages and it took a lot of extra tapes to make sure they would hold all of our goods. Even though there were times that I was actually worried about getting those boxes filled and everything being safe I simply let it all ride.  I kept packing up things even when I thought the box may not hold.  This may have not been the best thing to do and now I know that it wasn’t.  I should have listened to myself and simply gone out an picked up some new heavy-duty packages to storing my stuff in.

It turns out that when we went to move our cheap moving boxes cost us a lot of money in damaged goods and damaged bodies.  My back simply hurt because the flimsy box ended up shifting weight on me and my body lunged after it.  Instead of just letting the box go, I grabbed at the shifting box and pulled a muscle.  Not only did this happen to me but it happened again to another family member who simply dropped the box.  Honestly, that is probably the smartest move and I am glad they did instead of getting injured.  But we lost a few hundred dollars worth of goods and I had to go to the doctor.

What we should have done was simply buy some nice boxes to pack everything up in.  I found a store that sold a whole setup online for 25 bucks and it came with tape and markers too.  It would have been a big money saver and that is what we decided to do on every single move after that. I have to say I am glad we figured it out.  So I hope this little tip helps you.

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