Getting your warehouse in order

The changing economic platform that continues to hit the United States can be hard to keep up with.  It has to be said that if your not working hard to keep your company strong during the COVID-19 pandemic then you may get left behind.  This goes doubly for companies that are focusing on eCommerce.  It has been seen that one area that your company needs to thrive in is its warehouse.  In order to rock the best eCommerce service having a warehouse that is fireing on all cylinders is really importanat. I must say that there is no way you can keep up with the competition unless your warehouse is rocking. So lets go over a few areas to make sure your warehosue is operatign in tip top shape in order to stay ahead of the competition.

One simple area to look into is the supply side of the warehouse.  This can be a huge budget area and if you are doing well in this area you can cut down on lots of costs.  Now depending on your company you may be shipping tons of boxes out.  If this is so then you need to be checking all of your shipping supplies and focusing on cutting the costs of those areas.  I have to say that finding the best price on boxes or tape can be a life changing experience for a warehouse.  If you are sending out 50 boxes a day or 5000 then you can really change yoru budget by negotiating with the right company to get your boxes at the best price.

I have found that even ordering all your products together at the same time can give up to 25% discounts on thousands of dollars of merchandice a month.  That adds up quick and can allow you to spend more in other areas or simply operate more lean in the future.  So checking up on your shipping supplies is huge.

Another area that you can look into is literally how yhour employees are working.  If you don’t have a system for everything that they are doing then you are most likely losing money and time on how they are working.  I like to put multiple teams or people to the same task and ask them to solve the same daily tasks and see what they do.  I may tell one to try to do it fasater or how ever they want to do it.  It helps to see professionals do what they want how they want to do it.  Most teams won’t find anything new, but some will create a faster more fficient warehouse and end up saving you tons of money.

The final thing that I like to say is to get to know your shipping providers and drivers.  If your warehouse is going to be kept alive by products coming in and out it is important to know your drivers and for them to maybe even like you. I have found serviced increases and damaged goods go way down when you like your delivery drivers.  Mutual respec in timing and attention go a long way even if you wont be friends.  It is really an importanat part of doing busines and Christmas cards never hurt either.  So I hope these tips help you with your warehouse work in the future.

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