Did your warehouse shop well last quarter?

This year is a bit different from many others and we have seen many companies struggle with the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought.  Millions of Americans are out of work and thousands of companies are shutting down or really struggling.  There are lots of reasons why and if you run a warehouse or are in a company that has one this is an area where you can help your company succeed in the trying pandemic times.  The first thing is to make sure your warehouse is operating at the best efficiency possible. There are lots of things to do in order to be at the top of the market but there are a few things we want to go over that may apply to you.


The first thing is that if your company is going to be shipping more online or if you company is about to shift from a brick and mortar to a full blown ecommerce store than the warehouse is going to grow.  The amount of space you will need and organization will become key.  A small thing to know is that expensive racking and crazy pre-made systems are not necessary.  Most billion dollar big box stores have warehouses in stores that are run by a simple ABC’s system for aisles and also simple racks that are filled with corrugated boxes for storage.  The boxes are simply cardboard boxes that are sized to fit the shelves and those are a really inexpensive way to cut down on costs.  It is also a super easy way to constantly make changes without growing costs.  It is really simple to replace a box that costs a dollar or free if you cut them to shape from boxes you already use.  Make sure your aisle letter and number system is simple and consistent and then you can really inexpensive organize your products. I have found that purchasing these products from packaging supplies stores is the best place to do it. 

Packaging Supplies stores generally give discounts and end up being very cheap in other areas as well.  Shipping from the warehouse is generally based on those stores and buying the best quantity and amount from them. This will be another large area to keep track of and that is all the products you are currently using.  Buying from these stores is best done in bulk and the higher the quantity the better deals you can get.  It is also important to be buying the right products you need. Tape for instance.

If the tape you use for shipping takes more than one piece in order to keep the box you are shipping closed then you may need a different tape.  The box you are using may be the wrong thickness or not be weighted enough for your products. I suggest talking to a good customer service agent at a packaging store and find the best product so you are not spending more money on areas that you don’t need.  The best place to save money is to make sure your products arrive safely with less returns and no bad ratings. So asking about the filling for your packaging is just as important at cutting down long term costs and yes this is at the warehouse level.  So rock your warehouse and I hope this helps you become the best one out there!

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