Are you moving again?

The housing market is simply going gangbusters in my state and lots of people are changing locations.  Houses are the highest prices I have seen and the ability to purchase them is the easiest it’s ever been.  The low interest rates on loans allows most people to be able to break into the housing market. This is a really cool thing so if you are planning on getting your move on I want to go over a few tips I have learned to actually make the move go better.

The first thing that changed my moving career is when my father in law showed up with a flat trailer with 3 foot walls.  This open trailer had a big gate that swung down and made a ramp.  This changed our moving completely.  We were able to walk up easily and place large furniture and all those cheap moving boxes easily onto the trailer.  It was easy to drive around and boy it just made all the insane jobs of getting couches in a truck so much better. Since we didn’t have to lift things up high or worry about scratching anything it was just wonderful.

The next thing I learned was to actually get the correct boxes.  I used to use just good old cheap moving boxes and used, used boxes.  Well that lead to lots of bending boxes wich led to lots of dropped boxes when you put weight into them.  They shift while you lift and things shift and then all things fall.  I actually pulled a muscle in my back and I am sure lots of people do that every time they move.  It causes pain and also has financial issues.  The way to overcome this was to purchase from a packaging supplies company. I learned that for 20 bucks you could get really cool packages that had tape, markers, and lots of different sized heavy gauge boxes.  This was a game changer for me and I suggest it to everyone I know who is moving.  It was a small investment to help not break things in bad boxes or break myself!

Planning is the next and most important thing.  Plan out what your going to move and how many boxes you may need.  Then plan out how many trips you think it will take.  Then check the weather. Moving in the rain is so not fun and things get ruined.

Several years ago I was moving by myself from an apartment in the south all the way to the north a few states.  I had no choice but to move out and it was not a positive move.  I was leaving due to job issues and injuries so it was a terrible experience.  Not even thinking about the weather and honestly I didn’t have much of a choice I rented a trailer and borrowed a truck.  I ended up moving all my things in the rain because I didn’t check and didn’t have the time.  It was awful.  Luckily, my trailer was covered so from the door to the trailer was the only exposure of my things. But in reality it destroyed many of my things and most of my boxes.  So knowing how much and how long it will take to move can keep you out of the rain by knowing all these things. Happy Moving!

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