Moving Again?

If you are following this real estate market then you may be thinking about moving.  I know I am and my family keep looking at all the homes being sold.  The big reason for this is that the interest rates for loans are the lowest they have ever been and this has lots of people packing up and getting ready to change homes or buy their first homes.  I feel that the market won’t be this way forever, but if you are going to be moving soon I want to go over a few things that can help that move go a bit easier. 

The first thing is to have the right tape on hand.  I have learned that all tape is not made alike.  When you go to a packaging supplies store or talk to a pro they will ask you what type of box you are using and how much weight is going to be in it. If you are using 5 strips of a regular packing tape they will tell you it is cheaper to buy a thicker stronger tape instead of using 5 strips.  This means you can use one strip of tape that holds just as well and that can lower the cost a lot when moving.  This makes moving faster, cheaper and keeps everyone happy that things are not falling out of boxes.

Another thing to think about is getting the right boxes for the move.  I have found many companies sell moving packages that simply have lots of different types of boxes that people usually use when moving.  I really love the ability to spend 20 bucks from a packaging supplies store and get the entire set up of tape, boxes, and the makers needed to label all the boxes. I have found that having the right box can save you lots of money and pain in the long run.  This is because I have moved with older boxes.  When you use a old used box it bends a lot more.  When the box bends and there is a lot of heavy things in it the box can shift, and bend when carrying it. 

This usually means the box will be dropped and that person will shift their body to hold it until it falls.  When this is done you can get lots of injuries do to many previous injuries or simply weaker muscles that they don’t use very often. So be safe and get the right gear.

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