Selling on Ebay

Have you ever decided to branch out and put your products out to the world to buy?  There are lots of different platforms of selling and one of the most common is ebay.  This is a big company that ends up taking 10 percent and then paypal takes 3 to 5 percent of each purchase you sell.  But it is a great way for lots of people to see your product so you are essentially paying for the audience they have created. 

The best part of this program and company is that it is rather easy to use and you are able to sell and make some money on products that you may not use anymore or if you want to start a business.  There are thousands of businesses on Ebay and I have found that this is a great way to see how much an item is worth as well.  This platform shows what people are willing to pay for a specific type of item. So I will walk through the process of how to sell on this platform.

First you need to know what product you are going to sell.  This is important because if you don’t know what you are going to sell you really can’t sell it.  You are required to know the title and have item specifics on that product so it is important to do your research as well.  Know what you are going to sell and be able to type out and explain what it is and the condition it is in. 

The ebay app will walk you through the type of product it is so it can place it in a easy search section for people to find.  Then you will type in specifics and be able to take photos of the product.  So for this I like using my phone and app so that I am able to take a picture and upload it right then and there. Once it is listed then you are almost there. 

You can choose to buy now or set up an auction for your product and then you wait for someone to buy.  Once they buy you must then ship you item.  It is important to have the packaging supplies on hand before you sell the product.  Speed is important for getting good reviews so get your packaging supplies ready to ship the product right away once it sells. I like to actually pre-pack the items before they sell. Then ship it out and you are done! Congrats and enjoy the extra money in your pocketbook. 

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