Thinking outside the construction box

This week I had the hard task of improving the value of my home.  This was not really a task that was done in a week all in all it was a month long process of hard work and improvement.

So how did I improve the value of my home, by building a fence around the back yard.  Looking around at comparables in my neighborhood it was an absolute must in order to make sure our home value was up to par.  So my wife decided it was time to create this beautiful masterpiece and do it all ourselves. 

To start with we had to find the fence.  We had decided on working with a rod iron fence to keep the class high and make sure the value was also high as well.  What we found was this was indeed one of the most expensive types of fences and it made the search process hard to find an affordable section.  So my wife found a deal on facebook marketplace and we loaded up a truck and lined it with cheap moving boxes and headed off to pick it up.  I am really glad we went with the cheap moving boxes as a liner because we would have scratched the truck very badly.  Once we got it loaded up we headed home.

Upon getting home we found that some parts were missing from the used fence.  This was a bit annoying because we had to find a maker for the fence parts and that did take some time.  The benefit of having the fence put together already was that it was drilled and tapped for all the attachments and the concrete lines were still visible so we knew how far to put the holes down to make the fence sit perfectly above the ground. So not only did we save money, but we saved lots of time by having a good amount of the measuring work done for us.

Then we had to map out our yard section by section in order to drill the holes in the ground for the fence posts. This was a long process which was very hard.  Once we finished we rented an auger from our local hardware store and dug the holes.  This was the hardest part, but once done we were able to set a time to actually install the fence.  It took 15 solid man hours between my wife and I to install the fence sections alone.  This was tough but worth it in the end. We saved 2 thousand dollars on a diy and added 4 thousand in value to our house for the cost of 1 thousand.  Definitely a good pay off!

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