How much tape do you need?

This question is something that always pesters me.  I am a regular guy who lives in a house and always find that I am needing lots of different tapes to get through my daily life.  This is a bit strange but when I started to lay out the different tapes I use throughout the year I was amazed at the quantity and frequency we used them all. So if you just got a new home or are starting out I want to lay out some packaging supplies that are worth stocking up on so you don’t get stuck without the right sticky item!

The first tape that surprised me was actually a type of plumbing tape.  If you have a house at some point a pipe is going to start leaking.  This could be as simple as the weather changing and condensation causing a separation in the pipe.  The way to combat this is to pick up some teflon tape.  It simply wraps around the threads of all pipes and allows for a firm seal.  If you also have a hose outside the house it is a great way to keep it from spraying water all over!  So add this tape to your list of things to have on hand for those emergency leaks that can be fixed in a matter of minutes!

The next and most often used tape was actually packing tape.  This is the item that we found we purchased the most often and used for the most strange things.  We used it for boxes, and shipping and as a safety way to cover items that may be market on.  So having a lot of this item around is a really smart idea because you never know when you are going to use it for interior things in the house.

The best exterior item we found was the old classic duct tape. The usefulness of this goes beyond legend.  It was created for World War II military use and has become known as a fix all for lots of items.  Just last week I taped a paint brush to a pole and helped get the high spots in my house on the outside.  The tape held like I had nailed the brush to the pole. So if you are going to pick up a lot of tapes, find a good Packaging Supplies store and get it all in bulk to save money. Keep these tapes on hand and save yourself lots of issues in the future!

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