Best Targets Possible

Many people know I am an avid hunter and shooting enthusiast.  Yes I love guns and believe every law abiding citizen should have one.  Before you get too far down the wrong path of understanding. I am a Doctor and specialize in law.  Thus I am not an incompetent redneck instead I am more educated and udnerstand more of our consitutinoal rights and criminal law than the most people on earth.  With all of this knowledge I still love shooting.  It is simply fun and can save your life.  But through all my experience with firearms I have also gained lots of experience with targets. I want to go over some of the best and most affordable targets to use while at the range or at your own property.

First I am a big safety nut.  Firearms are first and foremost a tool meant to kill.  That is their purpose and it is our right to be able to protect ourselves with every tool the government can own and use against us.  It is the law and should always be so.  Now knowing that every gun is a weapon first, safety must come first.  Every gun should only be pointed and discharged at something you plan on killing or a proper target meant to stop the round from causing any harm. So when it comes to targets I think placement is most important.  Every target rather it is made from cheap moving boxes or steel needs to be set in a safe direction where the bullet has zero change of going in an unsafe direction. 

So for myself on private property this means creating a rage that has a backstop and side walls around it.  Being safe is more important than anything while practicing on my property. So the backstop is created by woods behind for yards upon yards and a dirt mound that initially stops all bullets.  This creates a wall so that no round can escape. 

Now for targets I love using cheap moving boxes that people throw out or donate.  It is an easy way to set up a backdrop for paper or sticky targets.  This is for me free and recyclable as well.  So when I am done shopping my paper target on my cardboard box I can simply recycle them when I am done.  To me I know most people wont recycle so I am doing the world a favor when I go shooting.  So be safe. Protect your family and your rights. And have fun shooting.

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