Helping Friends Move

We have all gotten the call one way or another.  A friend sneakily slips the inevitable question into a conversation that you are not sure why you are having it.  Do you have a truck?  The question that inevitably means, “Can you help me move”.  Or it may come in the trick question, “Are you Busy this weekend”.  That one is the worst. You think you are going to go out or to the zoo with a friend, but no. They trap you into lifting heavy things and lugging around cheap moving boxes for hours all for a free piece of pizza.  Honestly, make it a steak dinner at least. They just risked rolled ankles, pulled wrists and sore backs for days all for a piece of pizza.

I have personally moved myself and family 4 times in the last decade and helped my family move at least another 5 times.  So I can say with a some confidence, that I know a few things about moving things.  The most important part of all of moving is how you do it.  This means form of lifting.  There is no more important part then lifting with your legs especially if cheap moving boxes are used. This means that you take the extra time and focus on using your legs and not your back muscles for moving.  The legs are the powerhouse of the human body and injuries start to happen when you neglect to use them properly.

Another aspect that is completely overlooked when moving is the ability to take your time. When you rush, you lose.  I have caused more damage by rushing and moving too quickly through a house than I would like to admit.  If you are not in a hurry you are able to get heavy items or awkward items into places that are hard without damaging the house, your body, or the item itself.  So slow down, take brakes, and let everyone know that it will get done, but that your new home is worth not damaging.  For the most part they will agree with you.  As long as its not the end of the day. 

When everyone gets tired they start to care a little less and move a little faster.  This is when you need to stick to your ground and think like TreeBeard. Don’t be too hastey.  A little extra time and thought will be worth not having to do it again with a new undamaged item a week later.  So stay safe and lift slow and safe.

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