Never Run Out

One thing I have had to adjust to during this time in history is stocking up on groceries for multiple days or even weeks. My partner and I were people who decided what we were going to eat that night and then went to the store to get the ingredients we did not already have at home. It was a little inconvenient to go to the grocery store multiple times a week, but we live within walking distance of a store so it was never really an issue. It was also great for us because we never bought too much food and then wasted it. We would cook dinner and then make extra to take for lunch the next day.

Now, it is encouraged to minimize the amount of shopping trips as possible. There is a safety concern with multiple, little trips to the store. We, and many people, are now left with no other choice but to stock up on food and necessities for an extended period of time. This limits the exposure to bacteria and virus, and people who may be infected.

Grocery stores must make sure they have an unlimited supply of packaging supplies during this time. If a customer comes up the checkout counter and there are no bags available, then the customer will likely be out of luck. Stores need to ensure they have a backup supply of packaging supplies always waiting in the back.

Multiple stores are not allowing customers to bring in their own bags. Many families had made the switch to supplying their own reusable bags to be stocked during checkout. In fear that the bag may have the active virus on it, many stores are asking that people do not bring outside bags into the store. This means that even more people will be in need of packaging for their groceries.

The two most common types of bags carried in the grocery stores are paper grocery bags and plastic grocery bags. Paper bags are great for produce and lighter items. Plastic bags are more durable and can handle canned goods and heavier items.

Stores need to make sure they stock up on multiple different sizes of paper and plastic grocery bags. Paper bags come in a variety of sizes for multiple reasons. There are bags that are great for baked bread. Another bag is used for liquor and wine bottles. Then, there are bags that have handles for ease of carrying out of the store.

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