Storing Boxes

One thing I didn’t know could be easily shipped are cheap moving boxes. I am finding all these ideas about how to use these boxes in my own main (for cheap), but I didn’t have any in my house. You can actually bulk order cheap moving boxes pretty cheaply and have then shipped right to your door. You will have to put the boxes together once they arrive, but that doesn’t take much effort at all. Just grab some tape if you use the box for a heavy purpose, but if there isn’t going to be heavy things stuffed inside the box then there is not even a need for tape. There are many different uses for these boxes.

The most obvious thing you can use boxes for is moving. And honestly, some people may have to start moving now. Some people may not be able to afford rent and have to downsize or move in with a roommate. While moving isn’t ideal right now, it may be necessary. On the other end of the spectrum, some people are taking advantage of the low interest rate and plummeting house prices and trying to move into a home right away. Either way, you may need to think about ordering boxes online. At least you know they will be clean and sterile upon arrival.

If you aren’t moving, you can still use these boxes for something. One thing could be storage. Many people have extra time on their hands and are spending it on household chores they have been putting off. At the top of most people’s list is storing items neatly somewhere. A cheap way to do this is boxes. Simply put a stack of boxes together and label each one. Obviously ideal places to store these boxes would be attics, basements, and closets. This gets mess and clutter out of the way in an organized fashion.

Another use for the boxes is storing dishes that you have specific for holidays. Instead of keeping a clutter cabinet, simply store the mugs and dishware into boxes. Dishware specific boxes have partitioned dividers that keep all the dishes separate and protected. So, the dishes are getting stored neatly, but will not break. This is perfect or fragile and expensive pieces that need to be stored throughout the year. You could even transport your dishes like this, if you needed to. Or simply store them until the next season.

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