Shipping CD and Vinyl

What a weird time to be alive. People are being quarantined to their homes for weeks on end. Thankfully, many jobs can now be done from home because of laptops and instant communication. Unfortunately, laborers, retail workers, and waitressing staff are out of a job until bars and restaurants open again. One thing is for certain, people are going to be spending a lot of time at home now. Might as well get interested in a new hobby.

One trend that has recently resurfaced are CDs, vinyls, and cassette tapes. People really enjoy having their own digital copy of the music rather than just downloading the tunes onto their devices. Especially during a time like this where almost everything is uncertain, people prefer to have physical copies of their favorite music to pass down for generations.

During this time a lot of local CD and vinyl shops have closed their doors. Luckily, they have social media platforms to advertise their product and hopefully sell things online. Some buyers are skeptical from buying their products and having them shipped because they are nervous about their fragile products being broken. CD and vinyl shops understand and respect this concern, and have taken the appropriate steps to ensure the product’s safety.

The shops order packaging supplies that will protect the products from expensive damage. Consumers can feel comfortable ordering their products and be confident that their CD or vinyl will be placed in packaging supplies that can withstand the travel. Vinyls will also be packed in stiffeners to ensure the vinyl will not bend during the shipping process.

Many artists have also released limited CDs and DVDs. While CD and DVD are less likely to bend during shipping, the possibility of breaking is still pretty high. Stores will send the CDs and DVDs in protective sleeves. They could also consider packaging them into specific CD shipping boxes and then into an envelope or small package.

After receiving your package you can really start to enjoy your music on your CD or record player. People can start to broaden their taste in music by maybe purchasing a CD or vinyl that would not previously purchased. We do have a lot of time to get into new music, after all. Once you receive your CD or vinyl, make sure you are storing them responsibly in your collection. Some consumers even keep the shipping boxes their music came in to ensure that it stays safe.

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