Spring is Near!

Spring is coming soon, you can fill it in the air, if you try real hard. It won’t be long now and we will be doing our spring cleaning, boxing up all of our winter clothes and winter decor, swapping them out for pastels and greenery with new buds and generally decluttering all around.

Organization is the key to any form of decorating. What I like to do is take a load of packaging supplies and get to boxing things up. From a mind full of ideas to organize, to boxes full of home decor to organize. We start by looking over all the items that we have on hand and we break them down into categories. Whether it’s categories of what we need to do, categories that we only wish we could do, or categories of what we have already done, yet didn’t complete fully.

Of course the need to do categories should be top priority. Things such as boxing up Christmas decorations with packaging supplies needs to be done before spring arrives. Swapping out winter clothes for a few cooler clothing items is also something that needs to be done. After the needs to be done category is completely finished then the next easiest is to tie up all those loose ends on the category of things that have already been completed but yet not fully completed. In other words ask your husband to finish nailing in that one last piece of trim that never got finished when you were installing that new hardwood. It only takes a matter of minutes, yet for some reason we always find a way to put it off entirely too long. And lastly work on organizing the wish you could category. You may not be able to do it all right now but possibly you could do parts right now? So do as much as you can now, and make a list of dates that you hope to have the other parts completed by.

Along with organizing for spring comes cleaning for spring. The easiest that I’ve figured out is to take your spring cleaning one room at a time. The reason this works for me is because I need to see progress. I am motivated by that one room being completely done.

So instead of cleaning out all the closets in your house, then washing all the windows in your house, and finally washing all the glass throughout your house, concentrate on just one room at a time. Clean that one closet, wash only the windows in that one room, mop the floors in that one room, display some new greenery in just that one room and voilà you have completed one entire room! So let that motivate you to move onto the next room, next weekend. Happy spring cleaning all.

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