Cleaning Up Your Bad Habits

Without a doubt, I could use with a little revamp of my current lifestyle. I find far too many clothes lying around my bedroom, too many unopened packages of food buried at the back of my pantry, and a slew of “things” scattered about my living room. If you walked into my home right here and now, you’d find a modern pigsty. The worst part? I have a partner who contributes to the mess as well.

Perhaps it’s the fact that we’ve both allowed the place to get this bad. Or maybe it’s some sort of complacency that has allowed this to build up. No matter the root of this evil, we’re both at fault for letting it get out of hand. What’s most unfortunate, though, is the fact that we haven’t really attempted to chunk our way out of this hole. In fact, it’s become such a mess that it’s now a beast we don’t want to tackle. Our weekends are spent relaxing from the woes of the week, and so of course we don’t pool our energy towards cleaning up our home.

Perhaps we could benefit from an organization guide, like that Netflix show with the woman who shows you how to keep an organized life (Marie something?). Or maybe it’s just a matter of having the right organization “things”, like packaging supplies or storage totes to put away all of the clutter.

I feel like our productivity levels are at an all time low around the house simply because we see this mess that we’ve created and our will to clean it up constantly deflates because the mess grows. It’s like a siphoning effect where the monster in the house grows as it sucks the life force out of our desire to clean it up.

I’m sure that the fact I sit here and act like it’s some sort of monstrosity (i.e., personifying a mess I’ve created) doesn’t help in the slightest. And acting like the solution is an abundance of packaging supplies or storage gear will get the job done is no good either.

What this problem takes is genuine after-hours work and some motivation to have a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. If you can’t muster the energy to tackle those things, well, it’ll be a long time coming before you can get anything else important done in your life. Own up to your mess, take responsibility, and let the cleaning begin.

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