Packing Up

Mr. Kane has been teaching at the same school for nineteen years. Not only has he taught at the same school, but he has taught in the exact same classroom. Being a 7th grade teacher he never had to put up many decorations-the kids never cared that much anyways. He had collected posters, an entire library of books, and a few other items tucked away in his closets for lessons he enjoyed teaching over the years. He honestly expected after nineteen years that he would retire in this room. When the school announced an extension he never expected to have to part ways with the only room he had ever known.

The thing is his room was going to be made into another set of bathrooms. The school had grown so much over the past five years that one set of bathrooms was servicing over 240 students and there definitely needed to be a change. Along with the new bathrooms another four classrooms were to be added. And the hallway connecting the building to the new expansion was going to go right through Mr. Kane’s original classroom.

He was going to have to pack up his whole classroom to move it to one of the four brand new rooms. On the last day of school he enlisted the help of his entire class to start packing his things into cheap moving boxes. He was, afterall, a teacher so he wasn’t about to spend a fortune on nice boxes. So his cheap moving boxes would have to do.

They loaded about fifteen boxes full and that was just the cabinets! Mr. Kane really thought he didn’t have that much stuff, but there’s always more than we originally think there is. He had crates for all of his books and those were carried seamlessly over to the new classroom. It was lucky the kids were there to help or it would’ve taken way longer.

Although he was sad to see his old classroom go, he knew this would be an upgrade. The school needed to grow and he was happy to give up his old room. Hey, they even decided they were going to put in a new staff bathroom. He wouldn’t have to walk to the other side of the school just to use the bathroom now. As he unloaded his last box into his classroom he smiled to himself knowing he could spend nineteen more happy years in this room.

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