How to Set Up a Productive Office

Let’s talk about something pretty important today. That topic will be your office setting, or where you work in general. I mean, think about it: Without a comfortable and familiar setting in your office, why would you have any will or drive to get projects done? For me, I need familiarity, style, and a personalized environment that fits my working mood. Having a good set up in your office is essential for keeping your productivity high and your motivation even higher.

Because of this need to have a great office setting, I recently added a couch to my office in order to keep it homey while also filling the empty space. The more space there is that’s empty in my office, the more I just feel unmotivated But with an environment more conducive to relaxing every now and then, I feel like I can knock a lot of work out at once at my desk and then kick back on my couch for thirty minutes to wind down and reset for another productive bout of work.

So, now that I’ve got that locked down, I’ve been looking at new desks, office chairs, and desk lamps. As it stands, my desk is pretty plain and my chair is alright. And I have no desk lamp. Things could be spiced up with more drawers, better (and prettier) wood, and a more comfortable chair. I really feel like these things will allow me to knock out even more things during the periods I’m at my desk for a long time.

Additionally, I just got myself a great new mouse. Before, I was simply using my little “mouse” pad on my laptop. It was incredibly unresponsive, slow, and clunky, and I’ve definitely been in need of something better. But since I got this new mouse, I’ve been able to map quite a bit of various buttons to things like controlling my volume for the music I play while also including different “productive” buttons like cut, copy, and paste. From here, it’s really just decorating the rest of my office with interesting items and useful office and packaging supplies, like staplers, new pens, and abundant tape.

In fact, I’d say that having the appropriate amount of office and packaging supplies will help me to remember I’m at work, not in my living room. But it may be hard to remember that considering I’ll be quite comfortable once I’ve got the dream set up of an office (especially with that couch).

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