Candy Season

Every year when October rolls around, all I can begin to think about are the inevitable bonfires, the cooler weather warranting hoodies and jeans and jackets, and the sweet treats that fit the seasonal theme of the month.

I’ve long considered Christmas my favorite holiday, thanks to the traditions that my parents instilled in our family, but as I grow older, Halloween becomes more and more a favorite of mine. I wouldn’t say I consider the day of Halloween to be my favorite. Rather, it’s the build up to the holiday that is so much fun for me. From hay rides to pumpkin patches and corn mazes and even spiked cider and pumpkin beers, the month of October is quite the festive one. And most of all, I love that it’s all centered around the harvest season, making it quite a “natural” holiday season, rather that one themed around more manmade traditions.

I like to celebrate my October by having friends over mid month for a little get together. Usually, we end up celebrating the end-of-year holiday season officially “beginning”. So, you can often find us drinking apple cider that’s been spiked, eating finger foods that everyone has contributed, and playing some video games or listening to music and hanging out in the basement. It’s always a good time, and most of the time we end up having one of the best evenings of the year.

What makes it especially fun is the candy. I tell everyone to bring a few of their favorite candy boxes to contribute to a growing pile of candy. People willingly bring their favorites so that they can end up sharing what they like with other friends and colleagues, and it becomes this huge pile of community candy that anyone is welcome to throughout the evening. At no other point in the year do I usually indulge this much in candy boxes, so it’s nice to unwind for one night of the year to get my “fix.” Of course, the next day I’m usually left with a sugar hangover and feeling a bit groggy, but to enjoy those different treats with my friends is something I enjoy.

I think this year I’ll tell everyone to bring a recipe for their favorite alcoholic drinks, with the stipulation that each one must have a candy theme to it and include at least one candy within the cocktail. I expect most people to come with hard candy or sugary candies in mind, but some may surprise with a chocolate recipe!

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