To Move or Not to Move

I’m currently in the midst of making some big decisions with my fiancee about our next year ahead of us. While I’m extremely thankful to be going through it with her and not alone, it’s still been a lot more stressful than I ever would’ve imagined. One of the biggest things our next year revolves around is if we’re staying in our current apartment or moving to a new place (and if that new place will mean purchasing a home or renting again).

Of course, it doesn’t help knowing we are also getting married next fall! Don’t get me wrong, we’re beyond ourselves thinking about the big day and what it will entail for us. Luckily, we’ve got the most stressful part of that out of the way in deciding on a venue, so at the very least we don’t have nearly as many huge decisions to make there.

Nonetheless, it’s important we make a decision on where we’re living next or if we’re staying in our apartment. If we do happen to move, we’re quite lucky in that her dad owns a furniture store with all sorts of moving trucks, so not only will we have our moving day taken care of by his company, we’ll also have access to any and all furniture we may want or need at the new place. I honestly think our biggest “work” involved in moving will simply be to have all of our cheap moving boxes filled and ready to go on the day of the move. And trust me, if being in charge of our cheap moving boxes is all we’re doing, that won’t be nearly as stressful as planning the move itself. That’s a huge burden taken off our shoulders.

It’s weird to think about moving to a new place “already”, though. I mean, we’ve only been in our current apartment for 15 months, but we absolutely adore our location and neighborhood, so much so that we really don’t want to leave if we don’t have to. It may make sense to get a home sometime soon, but lately we’ve been considering what it would be like to move west for a few years. And since we’re not sold on the idea of having kids, well, buying a home isn’t nearly as important as we first thought it might be.

Overall, every couple has to make these kinds of decisions, so we’re no different than any other mid to late 20 year olds. I just want to make sure we make the most informed decision that fits our lifestyle the best.

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