Game Day Preparations

One of my absolute favorite things to do around this time of year is host NFL watch parties at my place on Sunday afternoons. Most people only tend to do this during the playoffs or on Super Bowl Sunday, but I’ve realized it’s much more fun to do it throughout the entirety of the season for both fantasy reasons and fandom reasons. While watching the games out at bars can be quite fun it its own way, being in the comfort of your own home while surrounding yourself with other fantasy league mates and friends who like your team can be a real blast.

The benefits to doing this are many, with saving money at the top of the list. If you can spend just a few bucks on drinks and food and have everyone pull their weight, it’s almost as if you never spent a dime at all. And being able to save big while also enjoying the best day of the week? That has some staying power right there. Everyone would prefer to save more money, but most don’t actually hold themselves to that.

It’s also quite fun to hang out with friends and others you know while not stepping foot outside. While I enjoy being out and about in public on gameday, there’s something awesome about staying in your own home, drinking as much as you want, blasting the TV as loud as you want, and having no “rules” to abide by that you may have to within a bar or at a game. Just as well, you can keep eating everything you want and save so much (as we mentioned above).

I like to take advantage of the packaging supplies I have on hand in order to set up a snack station for my guests. For example, I’ll take basic packaging supplies such as labeling tape and sharpies to write a few labels to stick onto bowls that may have different snacks and sauces in them. Sometimes, everyone who makes it over to my place doesn’t know me that well considering I tell friends to bring their friends. So, they may not be as forward in asking me what’s what regarding sauces and flavors and more. I just feel it’s my duty as host to be thorough and prepared for such encounters.

There’s nothing better to me than kicking back, watching football in the company of buddies, having a few drinks, and eating good food on game day. The only other thing I ask for is a Cowboys win from week to week.

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