Art and Shipping

I never quite realized the need for specialized cardboard boxes until I came across art. And, to be honest, I wouldn’t have figured that it was art which would lead me to learn more about such shipping materials.

Here’s the thing: there are a lot more cardboard box variants out there than you’d probably realize. From small to big, rectangular to cylindrical, cardboard comes in many shapes, sizes, forms, and specialities that you probably wouldn’t know about unless you owned awkward shaped possessions that needed to be moved or shipped safely.

So, one of the types of cheap moving boxes I’m really talking about is picture boxes. You know, flat, rectangular boxes solely used to ship pictures and paintings and art? These are the ones that you’d never bother to go out of your way to buy unless you were an artist yourself or owned some more expensive paintings. Otherwise, why go to the trouble to secure a specialized box if the contents weren’t worth something to you?

I had the realization that these sorts of boxes had to exist when I was at a museum this past weekend. While I never took myself to be one to enjoy viewing art, I quite enjoyed myself getting lost in the artists’ pieces at the GRAM up in Grand Rapids. And that’s when I began to ponder the price of some of those pieces.

A little lost in thought, I wondered how it was that some of those paintings and pieces could be shipped from one museum to another (whether it was purchased, donated, or borrowed). And that’s when it dawned on me: they’ve got to have some sort of sturdy, reliable box out there that both protects the art within and secures it well enough to withstand some jostling in transit. Lo and behold, I come to find out that there are specific boxes meant for framed art or pictures. While museums everywhere likely don’t use cheap moving boxes for their pieces, I do know of some cheaper variants for consumers out there if they were worried about a keepsake of theirs being damaged on a move or while shipped.

Like anything, there’s always a solution or product out there that fits your needs. It’s no different when it comes to art or paintings or portraits. Be sure to ensure the safety of your possessions by grabbing some sturdy cardboard boxes made to protect your belongings.

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