How to Get Great Boxes – For Free!

Here we go again – my 7th move in 6 years. I was literally turning into a nomad. I was more comfortable living out of my car than I was living out of a house. However, I realized that every time I moved, I always chose the worst type of boxes to move my stuff in. The boxes were always flimsy and hard to hold, making moving my things potentially hazardous. Throughout all of these moves I had had several boxes break in the bottom and my most valuable items put at risk.

I decided for this seventh, and hopefully last, move, that I wanted to properly prepare and make sure that I got the correct packaging supplies to get the job done the right way. But upon deciding this, that led to the next question….where do I even go to get good boxes? I am also getting married and getting ready to leave on a honey moon, so money is pretty tight. I was determined to get good boxes, but also determined that I would not be paying any money for them.

I plotted out the circuit of all the places that immediately came to mind that would have great boxes. After touring as many big home improvement and hardware stores as I could find, I quickly realized that if I wanted their packaging supplies and their good boxes, I was going to have to fork over some pretty serious cash. Who knew that a decent cardboard sized box could cost $2 a box?! It does not sound like that much, but when you are buying 10-20 boxes it really begins to add up. I really did not want to pay anything at all, so I started to do some creative thinking, and began to think outside the box, if you will.

I am a frequent shopper at big box stores, which allow you to transport your groceries out in the boxes that the food gets delivered in. I had seen some massive boxes there in the past, so I decided to swing by and check them out. Sure enough, costco had some awesome boxes at the front of the store that, if you can believe it, let me take the boxes away for free. I was ecstatic and quickly loaded up my car with as many boxes as it could hold.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my experience and to learn how to avoid paying a lot of money for moving boxes and the supplies needed to package everything up. And remember to continue thinking outside the box!

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