4th of July Festivities for 2019

When it comes to planning for the holidays, things can get out of hand and you can underestimate the amount of guests you have coming over. Heck, you can underestimate the amount of hot dogs you’ll need for the grill and even short yourself of beer for when the night goes on!

Planning, then, all comes down to being prepared more than anything. It’s okay to get more alcohol than you think you’ll need. Why? Because you can still drink it the weekend following! It’s fine to have more meat than you figure you’ll grill, because you can just grill it all the next day to get rid of any excess you had. It’s all a win win so long as you have enough.

But what happens when you’re underprepared and understocked? Well, people get hungry, people sober up, and the evening isn’t as fun for everyone as they had originally thought.

That’s why I’ve got a short list of supplies you’ll absolutely need when this weekend rolls around. I’ll have you so stocked that you can party Thursday night through Sunday afternoon!

Party supplies.

These include your fireworks, the napkins and paper plates, and other random office or even shipping supplies you wouldn’t think of to begin with. For example, don’t you think having some extra packing tape or cheap moving boxes would be nice for having a mini fireworks base to shoot off of in the evening? All you’ve gotta do is break down those cheap moving boxes, set them up as a base, and tape mortar bases to them.


Activities make the evening last. You don’t need to go overboard with activities, especially if it’ll break the bank. Just try to get someone to bring a cornhole set and have some extra solo cups sitting around for beer pong and you’re golden. And if someone has a lakehouse to party at? Well, that’s all you’d really need for a memorable 4th of July in order to have fun on the water and in the sun, drink what you want, and grill out by the lake! And don’t forget the tunes. Music is what keeps the party going.

Food and drinks.

Here’s the best suggestion I can give when it comes to food and drinks: overstock your fridge. If you run out, well, things can get boring, people will sober up, and stomachs will begin to growl. Of course, you want to tell your guests to bring their own drinks and contribute to food if needed. But the best thing you can do as a host is overprepare and overstock unless you want to run out of stuff in the middle of the evening/weekend.

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