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Ever think about putting your kids to work to help out around the house but you’re never quite sure where to have them start? Or maybe it’s a slight fear you may have of what chores they can actually handle (especially if they’ve never done chores before)?

Well, there are a handful of cleaning tasks around the house that they can easily handle, you just may not have thought of them initially. The good thing is that a lot of these suggested chores pull the most weight in transforming your home from meh to wow. How’s that possible if they’re easy for your kids to pick up and do in on time, though?

Because these chores are the ones that make the most difference when actually tackled. You’ve just been putting them off for weeks or months because it’s a little extra labor for you. If you happen to spur forth some ingenuity and think about making your life easier with the right preparation, from using random packaging supplies to planning out your time better, you’ll be on the right track.

With that said, let’s dive into a few of my favorites that children won’t even mind if they’re doing it with you.

Cleaning the floors.

My mom had my brother and me do this about once a month. We would start by sweeping the floors, both of us with a broom in hand. This helped to pick up all the hair, dust, dirt, and other granules of who knows what before anything else.

Then, though, was where the magic happened. She would get out two hand towels, one for each of us, and soak them in warm water with some dish detergent. From there, all we did was spread them wide, put a foot at the end of each side of the towel, and then “walk” it around the floors which would scrub it down, yet we never had to get on our knees and inevitably complain about it.

To me, this was genius because it took no time with 2 or 3 people, no one was breaking their back to mop the floors, and it was almost kind of fun for us kids. Sometimes it was easy to place some stripped up packaging supplies (like cardboard that was broken down) beneath our feet but above the wet towels for more traction. The result? Absolutely sparkling floors, something any guest would notice right off the bat as they walked into the house.

Wiping down windows.

Talk about a task that takes no more than 10 to 15 minutes and yet is easy but will make a huge difference. I remember fighting over who got this chore with my brother. We were always wanting to do this first as it was an easier chore, yet mom would always praise the window work more than just about any other chore. Why? Because it’s so noticeably better when there’s no apparent window in front of you. If you can see handprints and smudges, though, it’s easy to notice a dirty window. When all that’s gone? Everything is crystal clear and beautiful.

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