Home Projects Can Be Fun

This past weekend I took a trip back home to pick up my dog from my parents and hang out with them for a day or two at their place. I always forget how much I truly enjoy staying at home and just soaking in the countryside in the small town I grew up in. There’s zero worries, zero effort to just hang out, and a lot of fun and good conversation to be had.

Something that was particularly fun for me was helping my dad set up his outdoor pop up bar.

To give you a bit of context, my parents own two houses with three plots of land (one per house and then a plot between the two). This is all on the outskirts of our small town, so it’s essentially a big open expanse of pasture between their houses.

Well, my dad is always busy constructing something new for their home and property during any hours he’s not at work. This time, he was building structures that would be able to roll out to the field, stand up, and function as a little “bar” of sorts, almost like a tiki bar you’d see on the beach.

While I know he was using a decent amount of packaging supplies just to get things started, a big part of the project was cutting big patches of plywood to make “tables” of sorts for the bar itself and for the two stands to sit at.

Basically, he wants to use two whiskey barrels as the bar’s base, so he’d be able to roll those out to wherever he wants, lay the rectangular piece of plywood on top, and have a little bar. Then, he’d use the two giant rope spools (think of a small plastic spool that has thread around it and magnify that spool by about 200 times) as tables to hold umbrellas and have chairs to sit around them.

Again, I’m not sure what all packaging supplies and tools he used, but it seemed pretty minimal considering the biggest part of it all was just making the table tops and boring holes in two of them for holding up the umbrellas.

Needless to say, once we were done setting things up, it actually looked like a legit little pop up bar with protection from the sun, places to sit down and set your drinks, and even storage for beers so that you wouldn’t have to walk all the way back to the fridge in the garage for more drinks. Talk about a vacation spot within the boundaries of your own home!

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