When Making a Move, Have These Things Handy

The most stressful part of buying a home, many would agree, is the act of searching for homes that fit your family’s needs and wants. Or, as others would say, it’s actively closing on the home and finalizing everything that’s needed with that procedure.

Or even others would agree that it’s actually making the move to the new home.

If you fall into that last camp, you must not be moving your things in an efficient and planned out way. With a little bit of preparation, having the right materials and tools, and enlisting some help, you shouldn’t have any troubles whatsoever. Let’s dive into what makes the move so stressful and how you can actually make the entire process much easier than what you’re accustomed to. Because, let’s face it, buying a home is the most stressful and toughest part of the entire process, not moving in (physically stressful on your body, sure; but your mind? Nope).

Having the right materials.

Moving doesn’t just mean jamming things into your vehicle and making 20 trips. That’s the definition of inefficiency and possibly even stupidity.

What you need to make sure you have is pretty much three things: a trailer (or 2), cheap moving boxes, and moving equipment, such as straps, handcarts, and furniture blankets.

The trailer is pretty much your number one priority to secure simply because it reduces the amount of times you have to drive back and forth. Unless you’re hiring someone to move everything for you, you should waste no time in making sure you and your family have access to at least one trailer. Whether it’s an open bed or an enclosed trailer, you need one for your bigger furniture more than anything. All the smaller things can fit in your cab or truck’s bed if needed.

Secondly, the cheap moving boxes are absolutely needed just for packing all of your smaller items into. From clothes to toiletries and dishes to decor, you’ve got to have boxes and bins to hold everything that is loose and needs packaged in an orderly and easily recognized manner.

Then, you’re going to want (and sometimes need) the right tools. Moving straps are amazing at securing things to your trailer so that they don’t bump, bounce, and break. You’ll never be gladder that you invested in some of these. Additionally, handcarts are a must for both carrying/lifting/dragging heavy items and making fewer trips to and from the house. And finally, you’ll want furniture blankets to protect your furniture as well as use to drag heavy items across hardwood flooring.

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