You Have the Time to Accomplish Your Tasks & Chores

Keeping your place nice and tidy isn’t one of those things that you just do because you’re a neat freak and can’t function without order. In fact, a lot of people who organize their house and keep it clean are deemed as such, and I feel it’s a bit unfair to categorize orderly people as crazy or obsessed.

The problem is that the majority of people seem to relate more to a sense of laziness than they do cleanliness. I wouldn’t say that the majority is necessarily sloppy and owns a ransacked house. Rather, I feel like everyone can empathize with those who don’t have the time to stay on top of things every single day.

Most of the time, people say they don’t have enough hours in the day for their cleaning and organizing. I honestly believe this is where you need to start if you want a more organized and put together home. The number one way to continue your lazy lifestyle is to continue making excuses about the time. Because unless you’ve got multiple kids and pets, you work 60 hours a week, and your weekends consist of another job, guess what? You have the time to keep your house nice.

So, this really all begins with the right mindset. It’s kind of like moving houses. If you have a gameplan and enough cheap moving boxes, you’ll coordinate the move just fine and it won’t be that stressful.

Well, if you have the right mindset about your home, such as having an idea what days you’ll clean what areas and you have the right supplies (the analog to cheap moving boxes in this example), you’ll be able to accomplish anything.

So more than anything, being clean, organized, in shape, healthy, intelligent, successful, and financially stable all boil down to your approach and perspective. If you can see that you have just enough time or more than other Americans, you’ll realize that it just takes a new routine, a fresh perspective on all of it. But if you constantly write things off as undoable because you apparently can’t spare 15 minutes a day to keep one particular room a bit cleaner than it was before the day began, you’ll never be able to accomplish anything you want to do.

If there’s anything you take from this, make it this: you have the time to get stuff done; you just don’t want to.

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