Gift Ideas for Your Parents

If you’re looking for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day gifts for your parents this summer, you’re early enough for one and a biiiit last minute for the other (though don’t most people wait until the week of to actually go out and get gifts?). Luckily, all stores realize procrastination is king and keep their cards and gift cards and other seasonal items on their shelves for a few days after the holiday.

But even if you are still searching for something for your parents, the good thing is all you need are some old cheap moving boxes to get things wrapped and presented and you’re good to go. All it starts with is a little inspiration and a few unique gift ideas and you’re solid.


Whether it’s a box of chocolates or your parents’ favorite hard candy, you can’t really go wrong with this as a supplement to their actual gift. Luckily, a lot of stores have branched out in their collection of candies and sweet treats, ranging from anything chocolate covered to newer, healthier alternatives that your parents may enjoy.


You can’t skip a dinner with your parents on their special days! No matter where you live and what your budget is, something will fit your situation and budget. All it takes is a little bit of planning, likely a reservation to ensure you have seats at the restaurant you’re going to, and dressing decently so that your parents know you’re wanting it to be a nice evening with them.

The alternative to this is hosting your own dinner and doing all the prep to surprise your parents. This can be a bit more taxing and tiresome, but if done right, it can show you care even more than they originally would’ve imagined.

Concert tix.

Perhaps it’s just me and my hobby of going to live shows, but sometimes this can be a super fun and surprisingly great experience even for people who don’t attend many live shows. The key here is to know your parents well enough to not buy them tickets to something completely out of their wheelhouse. While pushing their musical boundaries somewhat is healthy and maybe a surprising opportunity for them, you don’t want to be buying your parents tickets to a Garth Brooks concert if they’ve specifically said they hate country. That just shows you don’t care what they think or you don’t know your parents at ALL.

Again, by finding a few cheap moving boxes that have been sitting around for awhile, you’ll be able to repurpose the cardboard into a gift box for your mom and dad on their special days. Talk about cost effective.

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