Golf Isn’t a Boring Sport

I just recently started to get into the sport of golf, a phrase I would have never figured I’d ever say in my life. At least that’s what I thought a few years back. But the recent me isn’t surprised whatsoever considering anything seems to go regarding my hobbies and interests.

Golf is, to put it bluntly, a sport that appears boring when you have next to no knowledge about the game. The pace is slow. Players aren’t “directly” competing against each other but rather indirectly. The commentators speak in low and quiet voices, so they never get hyped up. And, for the most part, some people find it troublesome to locate the ball once it’s taken flight.

These are all valid complaints for someone who’s new to the sport. In fact, it’s expected that people say this kind of stuff, because they probably don’t know any better about golf.

But once you begin playing, you start to understand the appeal. You realize that it’s a sport against yourself first and foremost. Yet it’s relaxing. But it’s competitive and challenging. Yet you don’t have to exert nearly as much effort as you would in other sports.

To put it best, it’s completely unique compared to any other sport out there. Nothing quite comes close to it.

So you can imagine my own surprise to finally enjoying watching it, playing it, and even playing video games based around the sport. I never expected any of this, yet it all makes sense now that I’m beginning to understand.

While getting my own set of clubs is something that will likely happen far down the road, I really would like to get a few starter clubs and balls that are budget friendly until I learn more about the game. You can imagine my excitement to receive the hardware wrapped up in packaging supplies. I’ve just gotta wait a few more weeks until it all comes in. (Heck, I’ll be unwrapping all of those packaging supplies like it’s Christmas morning!)

Overall, I get it when people say “Golf is boring” or other huffy comments about how it’s no fun. It’s because they don’t know the nature of the game or what it all means and can really feel like when you’re doing it. But just like everything else, there’s no need to make opinions on something until you’ve given it a try yourself. All it takes is one experience before you can craft your own judgment.

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