Making the Move

Within the next 16 months, life is going to be changing a lot for me and my girlfriend.

Just to put it all in perspective for you, we’ll be getting married in the early fall or late summer of 2020. That alone is enough for an entirely new chapter in our lives.

But with that comes moving into a house and becoming homeowners, too. That is arguably more of a change and responsibility than marriage itself. Because up until this point, we’ve only lived in an apartment together and never owned our own home.

So, a big part of this next year will go into living the engaged life and beginning to search for homes to buy next summer. While it’s still “awhile” away, time can be absolutely relentless when you have deadlines to complete things, and the next thing I know it’ll be 3 months before we need a house.

The good thing is, that’s about all the stress that’ll be on our plate. Because we have family ties with a furniture store owner who will likely provide the lion’s share of new furniture for our new home. So forking out a lot of cash for furniture right after we just put a lot down for a home won’t weigh as heavily on our minds, thankfully. We have our families’ support, meaning there’s so much less overall that we’ll have to do and tackle alone in the adult world.

Heck, even moving into the new home won’t be a hassle with all the family we have that will be able to help us out in transferring things from the old apartment to the new home. We’ll have plenty of bodies to help carry cheap moving boxes into the home we decide on, and even after it’s all “moved in” and we have no more transportation needs, our families will still be completely willing to help unpack and set up the contents of those cheap moving boxes.

It’s really comforting knowing we have support throughout our life’s bigger challenges and transitions. Honestly, without the help of her parents and my own, it would be a heck of a lot scarier and more uncertainty would abound. The fact that we have so little on our plate to do alone this next year allows us to dedicate more time to being happy and loved by one another.

To me, that’s the ultimate relationship. By having the time we need to grow and experience things together while not stressing as much over finances and time, we can focus on ourselves and what we want in our future. That, in my opinion, is the true recipe to happiness.

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