Easter Gifts for Adults

Easter can be a holiday that we usually give gifts to kids on. There’s always plenty of baskets, chocolate, other candy, some cash hidden in eggs, and an assortment of spring decorations that usually are for the kids.

But when it comes to celebrating the holiday for adults, it can be a bit trickier in terms of gift giving and celebrating.


One tradition I’ve seen spring up lately is hiding craft beers around a backyard instead of eggs with cash in them. This appeals to all adults over the drinking age simply because it continues the tradition of finding hidden items (appealing to the inner child in all of us) while making it more exciting and worthwhile for someone our age.

When it comes to giving gifts, though, that can be a bit harder. Adults will still enjoy things like chocolates and cash in eggs (almost as much as or even more than the kids!). But sometimes, when it comes to giving a gift, it can be a bit harder to shop for someone unless you know them well enough to tailor a gift specifically to them.

One thing that every adult is fine with receiving more of is office and packaging supplies. What adult doesn’t want to keep their office desk and their home supplies stocked or replenished? I sure wouldn’t mind having a bevy of extra markers, tape, staplers, and even shipping labels.

This list of items may sound a bit lame to anyone reading who isn’t settled into their career at the moment, but trust me, a lot of people would be happy to receive those gifts without expecting too much more outside of their replenishment of office and packaging supplies. (I mean, they’d probably be fine with a few craft beers, too.)

I think the thing to keep in mind with gift giving around this time of year, though, isn’t to focus too much on the gifts. Worrying about whether or not someone likes what you got them isn’t in the spirit of Easter as much as being with your family and friends for the new season. Having any amount of stress at all while celebrating the holiday isn’t great for you or your family, so I’d advise just going with the flow, trying your best at picking out a gift for whomever it is you’re gifting, and enjoying yourself.

So, what is it you’ve got planned for the spring holiday that’s just around the corner?

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