My Future Study

I’m someone who grew up loving books and the entire idea of dissecting things I read. I like to revisit old books I’ve already read, study up on concepts I had come across once before, and just have a look at some of the notes I took in the margins of books I marked up.

It should probably come as no surprise, then, that I want to have a study in my home some day. While I think I’ll get much more use out of it once my kids end up making their way into high school (as my hands will be quite a bit fuller while they’re younger), I just think it’s too early to be thinking about dedicating an entire room to my collection of books and finer things.

But boy, when I do put it all together, it’ll be a breeze with all the brainstorming I’ve done regarding the room. I know exactly what type of bookshelves I want, how big I want the room, and even what other decor I’ll have placed in the room. To give you a little sneak peak of my perfect study, I’ve broken the main aspects down into a list for your enjoyment.

Liquor collection.

So, if I’m going all out fancy with this study, I’ve gotta do it like it’s portrayed in the movies. And honestly, there’s reason to put my nicer spirits in the “nicest” room in my house. I mean, what’s classier than sipping on a fine spirit neat while enjoying some literature or top-notch nonfiction? I can already picture a sizeable collection of tequila with a quality mixing cart and different types of glassware right there near my grand armchair.


Speaking of armchairs, furniture is a big part to what makes a study so classy. Some people may prefer a loveseat or small couch in their office space (I definitely do at my office), but an armchair is the absolute perfect piece of sitting furniture for none other than yourself to enjoy on your own. It speaks volumes about the entire room actually being a study. Without the armchair, some people may confuse your study for a storage room full of books, you know?


If you’re going to have a study proper, you know that you’ll have to have an ample amount of office and packaging supplies on hand in the off chance that you need to ship something, store something for a long period of time,

or even repair an old book. Put these in your drawers or cabinets within the study to be out of sight but at the ready for when you may ever use them. You may say that you don’t need any packaging supplies or other types of minor utility features in your study, but it’s these supplies that actually make your study such a versatile and useful place to hang out in.

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