Making the Most of Your Office

If you’re someone like me with their own office at the workplace, you’ve probably considered at one point or another how bland your room is. And at times, it can even be a bit depressing how barren and devoid of character it seems.

But I recently did something about mine and it didn’t even cost that much or take any effort. Now, I feel like it’s a lot more homey and personalized than it was before, something that makes me happier on the job.

And that’s something I wanted to note, too. If you dislike your office space, you’re giving yourself a much higher chance of disliking your job itself. I mean, who wants to sit in a boring and bland room and do work, right? But if you enjoy where you sit and work, you’ll likely have a much higher chance of enjoying your job and the people you work among.

With that said, here are a few of my tips on updating your office to make your life on the job a heck of a lot more enjoyable.

Maximizing your personality within your office.

The number one piece of advice I can give to anyone is to make your office space you. If you don’t have the things you enjoy collecting, looking at, using, or whatever it is you prefer, then it’s not going to feel familiar to you and you’re not going to enjoy being in your workplace much.

I know I absolutely despise overhead lighting as it comes off far too clinical for my tastes. So I prefer to use a standing lamp in my room. It gives me the ambience I prefer while typing away without seeming too bright.

Making it comfortable.

Some kind of furniture needs to go in your office room at some point. Whether it’s a single armchair, a love seat, or even a cheaper futon, giving yourself a place to sit down more comfortably every two hours or so will give you a fresh change of pace to the day and even change your point of view.

Having the right supplies.

If you don’t have the right office and shipping supplies available to you, it can make doing certain tasks a bit tougher. And it’s never fun to ask around the workplace if someone else has tape or mailing envelopes, especially if you feel like you need to pay them back. Stock up on your shipping and office supplies about once a year, and have a specific compartment, container, or drawer dedicated to those supplies.

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