Plan Ahead and Organize When Moving

Moving can be quite the stressful task, especially if you’ve got quite the load moving from one house to the next. With that much stuff, it can take a very long time to pack up your belongings at one house, make multiple trips to the new one, unload it all, and finally put away everything. Moving can oftentimes take up to a month to complete if you don’t have enough people helping you throughout the multiple stages of the process.

I’m not overly worried about my move from my apartment to a new house in about a year. Honestly, my girlfriend and I like to live small as it already is, so I can’t imagine having a huge house in the first place to populate all sorts of furniture with. Right now with what we’ve currently got at our apartment, that should only take a day of packing into a trailer or two (that her dad owns, thankfully). From there, it’s just getting it all into the new place. And again, since the house we’ll likely get won’t be much more than 2500 to 3000 square feet, getting it all unpacked and put away and in place with just a few helping hands won’t be overly stressful.

This is what makes it all interesting, though. Without proper planning and the right packaging supplies and cheap moving boxes, well, things take a lot more time to complete. It’s all about efficiency and planning, not how strong your movers are and how many helping hands you have. There is such a thing as having too many people around to help, but there’s no such thing as planning too much ahead and having it all lined out.

If you’re planning a move soon, the number one thing you can do is prepare, organize, and plan. If the phases are laid out clearly, everything is organized and boxed up in their cheap moving boxes beforehand, and the appropriate moving supplies are on hand, well, you won’t be complaining nearly as much had you not prepared, and your anxiety level about the whole ordeal will be much lower.

happy young couple sitting together on sofa and looking away in new house

Don’t wait around until the day you’re moving; get ahead of the task, make sure your movers know the plans, and execute when the time comes. It’s a lot easier to do these things than you think, but it’s just about doing them and getting them done.

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