Making a Little Cash off of Memorabilia

I find myself having a hard time getting rid of memorabilia that I feel still applies to my life today. While a lot of people don’t want to dispose of or sell old things that have no use anymore (i.e., hoarders), I feel that a lot of my stuff is different in that it really could be used somehow.

Those things in particular are usually CDs and old video games. Rather than toss them, though, I know I could make some petty cash off of my old collection just by hitting up a local resale shop for gaming and music. The problem is that I just feel like I’m going to play some of those games or listen to some of that music at some point.

But, I do realize that it’s a problem considering I don’t own anything that can play CDs or those old video games anymore. So, I’m merely justifying my hoarding by saying they’ll get use at some point. (And I really know that’s not going to happen.)

So instead of having some old, cheap moving boxes full of video games and CDs from the early 2000s, I’d be far better off making an extra hundred dollars and clearing space in my basement for other things that need stored.

I just have a hard time ridding myself of the sort of things I spent doing so much as a teen, I suppose. While the video games definitely won’t get any use, I still think about how the next vehicle I get may have a CD player. In that case, there are tons of great CDs that could be played again.

But who am I kidding? Spotify is king now when it comes to music, and any newer vehicle will have a Bluetooth hookup enabling me to listen to anything I want on demand right away. And since that’s what I’m used to using currently with my truck ever since the CD player died, I can’t imagine I’d want it any other way in a newer vehicle.

So really, this has served as a rant that has convinced me I need to just bite the bullet, gather up everything out of those cheap moving boxes, and sell it all for a small profit. At this point, it’s just money waiting to be claimed. Why would I throw away free money or sit on it indefinitely with no expectations to ever use it? It seems silly and really underscores the problem that so many true hoarders don’t see.

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