Having the Right Supplies for V-Day

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, you’re likely scrambling for gifts for your partner. To be completely honest, well, I haven’t even begun to get anything at all for my girlfriend. If it helps any, though, I can almost guarantee she hasn’t gotten anything for me yet, either.

But no matter. The procrastinators of the world are still people and still end up getting things done, even if it’s last minute.

Whether you’re opting to get your significant other jewelry, alcohol, dinner, a stuffed animal, loads of candy, a gift card, new technology, or tickets to an event, most of those items need some sort of presentation added to the gift itself. So, do you have the packaging supplies and container necessary to gift it up and hand it to them come February 14th?

Bags are personal favorites of mine on “lesser” holidays like V-Day. They just seem more acceptable to give than they would on a birthday or Christmas (i.e., holidays where people may expect a little more effort than simply tossing something in a bag).

But just because you’re opting to use a bag as a container doesn’t mean you can’t at least put a little thought into the packaging itself. Tissue paper works quite well to “seal” up the bag so that it’s not easily peeked into. And don’t forget to include a nice tag with your SO’s name on it. Lastly, make sure you do get a card to include your heartfelt writing within. This can go in or on the package itself once you present it.

As for packaging supplies, tape rests at the top of the list simply because it can be used on bags, cardboard boxes, cards, tags, and so many other things. Grab yourself a solid roll of packing tape the next time you think about it because this will be super useful on any gift-giving holiday.

One last note on how to “do” Valentine’s Day is to go out for dinner. A lot of couples are quite accustomed to eating out often, while others primarily cook dinner at home together. No matter which category you fall under, you should definitely take the opportunity to go out to a nicer restaurant with your partner to celebrate your relationship. No matter how “cheesy” you think the holiday is, it really can be exciting to dress up, get a reservation somewhere, and really enjoy who you’re with for an evening out.

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