Preparing for the Wintry Storm

Sometimes during the dead of winter we find ourselves completely and utterly confounded as to how the weather can get so absolutely cold.

And what inspires that thought is the winter vortex that’s about to slam the Midwest.

For the most part, we’re all pretty good about preparing for inclement weather. You know, letting your coworkers know that it’s on the way when you talk about the weather in your everyday small talk. Going out to the grocery to prepare for a few days’ worth of vittles. Heck, you even remember to put your windshield wipers up before the ice takes hold and freezes them solid to the glass.

But boy oh boy, when it all hits, people still lose their minds.

Sometimes you’ll see countless vehicles along the side of the road when making your commute to work. And sometimes, you still see parking lots at grocery stores absolutely jammed back because of all of those people who forgot to stock up beforehand. (And the local liquor store is quite the popular spot during these times.)

It’s the activities you choose to engage in during particularly bad weather that determines your safety, though. If you absolutely insist on going to that event you had planned that’s two hours away, you’re seriously risking your safety all for something that could be done again, even if it means waiting until next year.

Just as well, there are things you could avoid even around your home that don’t require when the snow and ice hits in full force. You don’t need to be walking any more than a couple of minutes, even if it’s “safer” than driving to the store. Frostbite and hypothermia are serious things to humans who forgot their pair of gloves or stay out in the cold for just a few minutes too long.

Rather than be silly and absentminded, you should hole up in your home and do inside activities with your family or friends. Whether you’re playing video games, board games, hosting a marathon, or even partying, do it all within the safety and comfort of your home.

And if you must go out, dive into those old cheap moving boxes you have in your basement that contain your heaviest of winter coats, hats, and gloves. You’ll need them if you’re attempting to brave the elements. Heck, we understand if it means you’re making a quick walk to the local sports bar to watch your team. But bundling up is an understatement when it comes to truly preparing for heavy snow, ice, and seriously cold temperatures.

So like I said, dig into those cheap moving boxes containing your winter gear. We’d prefer you take caution and stay inside, but sometimes there’s not that much to do inside and you really just wanna walk down to someone else’s place that has more going on.

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