Retooling and Reorganizing Your Office

Wallflowers, couches, lamps, new desk, comfy office chair, trash can, and the basic office and packaging supplies

Changing up your scenery can heavily boost your mood and productivity. It’s no surprise that people take the opportunity to switch up things in their house often enough to keep them on their feet. Spring cleaning makes you feel good about having a clean and organized house, but when you go to restructure how your living room is set up and finally do it, you’re amazed at how different the same room feels. It gives you new perspective, a new attitude, and a new feeling about your home.

So, doing the same for your office at work should work wonders for those same things, right? Even a simple shuffling of your furniture should help to get you motivated.

With that said, we’ve got a few ideas for you to add, subtract, and shuffle things in your office.


Adding a couch, whether it’s a loveseat, an armchair, or something bigger, should give you a nice “homey” office. While you shouldn’t take advantage of it too often during the day lest you become tired, you allow yourself a comfortable change of perspective in your office from time to time. This will allow you to relax for a few to give yourself a breather. It also can help inspire some creativity in you just because you’re at ease and comfortable enough to let your mind wander.

Candles, oil burners, and wall scents.

No matter which of these you choose to use, giving your office a nice smell allows you to relax and enjoy where you work. You obviously don’t want the smell to be too overpowering, as that can cause a headache and even nausea from too much exposure. Nonetheless, adding any of these can really bring a new atmosphere to your office.

Office and packaging supplies.

What’s a complete office without enough office supplies and other packaging supplies? You’ll obviously want to keep this stuff out of sight and in your drawers or cabinets, but having supplies at the ready when you need them beats the heck out of scrambling and foraging for whatever you can around the workplace. Just make sure you have the essentials (like sharpies, tape, staples, and envelopes) and you’ll be set for a long time to come. Heck, you may even be known as the guy with the supplies for coworkers in a pinch, and they’ll come to appreciate your handiness.

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